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  Dog Breeder Standard Member
  Kennel Name: FamilyDobes
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  Breeder Name: Steve Parsons
  Breed Name: Doberman Pinscher (European) View full Doberman Pinscher (European) dog breed profile
  Our Contact Information
  Location: United States, Utah ,Payson
  Address: 1885 State Rd
  Phone: 801-615-0249
  Our Website:
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Our Mission: To provide you with the best Doberman Pinscher puppy possible to meet your wants and needs. We believe we have the best European Doberman Pinscher puppies available anywhere at any price. We have imported all of our Champion Doberman Pinscher breeding stock directly from Europe where they still have strong selection pressure. The Dobermans in most parts of Europe must pass temperament evaluations, health screenings, and often must have working and conformation titles before they are given license to breed. Family Dobes has been raising and training Doberman Pinschers for over 20 years. We consider ourselves to be distinguished Breeders of outstanding Dobermans. The Doberman Pinschers we raise working family companions that have been used for Search and Rescue, Schutzhund, Personal Protection, family pets, obedience and agility, scent detection, herding, flyball, ringsport, and even upland bird and waterfowl hunting! Our Doberman puppies have the right temperament, color and conformation, you can't go wrong! We want to help educate you as an owner. We don't sell you a Doberman puppy and disappear! Our Doberman puppies do cost more than many available out there, and for a good reason. We take time to research and select the best Champion Dobermans for our program, and plan each breeding carefully to produce the right kind of Doberman puppies for you. I want you to get a high quality Doberman puppy that you will be proud of, that will live for many years.

Many People wonder why I chose Dobermans over all the other wonderful breeds out there. It has mostly to do with my early exposure to them and the wonderful experiences we shared. After time, I figured out the reason everything clicked together so well, has to do with why the Doberman was selectively bred to be what it is, and the type of mind, spirit, and athletic ability they possess. Still to this day I am impressed with the lines, balance and elegance of a Doberman Pinscher. I can appreciate their structure every bit as much as the balanced power and grace of the foundation quarter horses I used to breed and train. They have so much power balanced with beauty and kindness, you can't help but like them after only a short period of time. Dobermans are a kind and sensitive breed, eager to please and easy to motivate. They find praise and petting an excellent reward for a job well done. They are clowns who love to run and play, wrestle or learn advanced maneuvers. They can entertain themselves without getting in trouble, if they have been taught what they are allowed to play with. They do well in packs, pairs or singles so long as their human family becomes part of their "pack." They are the epitome of the bumper sticker that says "Dobermans are like potato chips, no one can have just one!" They are so much fun to have, you really will want more. They are very affectionate dogs. Dobermans will demand personal attention if you don't volunteer it. Dobermans are honest!

Stud Service: YES
Puppies/Available: YES
Show Breeder/Exhibitor: YES

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Chelsea Stafford
(415) 516-6077
Memberships/Breed Clubs
American Doberman Association
USA Schutzhund
DVG Schutzhund
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