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Beauceron Dog Breed Puppy Ads
Breed Group: Working Group Height Male: 24 - 27 ½ inches (32 -70 cm)
Breed Size: Large Height Female: 24 - 27 ½ inches (32 -70 cm)
Breed Origin: France Weight: Up to 110 pounds (50 kg)
Standing up to 27 3/4 inches at the shoulder, the Beauceron has a short, thick coat that may be black and tan or harlequin grey. The reddish tan colour appears over the eyes, on the throat, chest, legs, and under the tail. The Beauceron has been called "Bas Rouge" or "Red Stockings". He possesses double dew claws on both hind legs - a unique feature.

Of high intelligence, and possessing an excellent memory, the Beauceron is so sensitive to his master's wishes that many consider the bond to be almost psychic. Not the dog for the first time dog owner, the Beauceron requires a strong, confident master. Because of his assertive nature, obedience training and socialization should begin early. A high energy dog, the Beauceron does best in a country environment where he can get plenty of exercise.

The Beauceron is a superb watch dog and guardian for the family. He is fearless, bold, vigilant, and courageous. Although territorial, the Beauceron is tolerant of other dogs he knows and cats as well if introduced to them as a puppy. Absolutely loyal and eager to please, the Beauceron bonds closely with his family, and tends to become a one-person dog. He will not be happy in a kennel environment. Calm and even-tempered, the Beauceron is gentle with children.

The Beauceron is the largest of the French sheepdogs. Though almost unknown outside of France, the Beauceron has a long history. It is a very old breed developed solely in France with no foreign crosses. It is thought that a passage in a manuscript, written in 1587, is the first specific mention of a dog of the Beaucerons description.
Realize that no breed is without health problems. Ask the breeder what health testing they have done on the sire and dam and if they are aware of any health issues in their lines (parents, grandparents and great-grandparents). Even among the most responsible breeders, health issues may arise. How a breeder responds to such problems is a more accurate indication of how reputable the breeder is.
Beauceron Breed Clubs/Associatons
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Registered Breed Clubs  
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Other Breed Clubs  
The American Beauceron Club  
Beauceron Club UK  
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Scale ( 1 to 5 ): 1=Low 5=High
Guard Dog?
Watch Dog? 4
Exercise Needed? 4
Grooming? 2
Energy Level? 3
Shedding? 2
Ease to Train? 5
Good with children? 5
Beauceron Breeders
Nadia Tollet
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